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Use your noodle

Can you blog and eat at the same time? Is it easier or harder than walking and chewing gum? This site may have lacked attention while your fearless blogger ate her way across Phnom Penh, but her belly was very, very happy.

Over on Serious Eats, learn about 10 Great Bites in Phnom Penh and watch the slideshow.

SE noodle-mushroom-greens-soup


Serious eating in Cambodia

You’re probably asking this very important question: How’s the food in Cambodia?
And I would say: Oh yeah, it’s good. Really good. Every day I eat delicious things.

But what, you ask, does it taste like?

It’s like Thai … but less spicy.
It’s like Vietnamese … but with different greens and herbs.
It’s like what your Cambodian-Jewish grandma would make for shabbat dinner … if she had galangal and lemongrass hanging around her kitchen.

I eat like it’s my job, and for a moment it is: Serious Eats let me write about some Cambodian dishes you won’t want to miss. If you can’t visit me while I’m here, grab your spoon and fork and eat vicariously. I’ll save you a seat at the table.

Click here to read 13 Cambodian dishes you should know and see the slideshow.

Green, unripe fruit, sprinkled with chili-and-salt spiked sugar. Best snack ever.